#WoodDirty30 takes Puerto Vallarta. Holy cow. Okay, so through out this whole blog you will probably see that I describe my friends as "really fun" and "so cute." But, I generally and sincerely mean it from my heart... I am just obsessed with all of them. 

This January, we booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate my friend Adam's 30th birthday along with my bestfriend's twin birthday- Kathy and Jackie. Anyway, about 15 of us mobbed deep into the streets of Mexico, and had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. Also, I won't describe everything that all happened.. what happens in MX, stays in MX.

What I can say is that we smoked too many beers, puked and rallied a little too much, don julio 70 is the shit, and street pastor tacos are the only option.