Travel Guide: Santorini, Greece

ALJSLKGOIANGLKASLG. My first thought about this beautiful freakin island in Greece. It's really hard to choose which countries/cities are your favorite out of Europe because they are so completely different. But, I will share with you all my favorite things about Santorini and why I love it so much. 

First: it is exactly how you imagine it from movies and pictures- but only better. When you travel abroad you have to go with no expectations, and this is kinda how the whole trip was. I had zero expectations. And it definitely did not disappoint.

Secondly: Where should you stay? So here is my opinion- we visited both Fira Town and Oia Town. We got a gorgeous house in Fira Town(picture below), and Fira Town is very centrally located. Close to the airport, beaches, shops, restaurants, you name it. However, Oia Town was my favorite and wish we would've stayed in this part of Santorini. If you are going for a romantic getaway in Santorini- stay in Oia Town for sure. 

When booking your stay.. make sure to check out websites like AirBnb, VBRO, and vacation rental websites before booking a hotel. This route is usually the cheapest, and in my opinion, preferred. 

When you are in Santorini you want to make sure to rent ATV's. It's really the only means of transportation- very difficult to get taxis. Not to mention SO FUN! 

Travel tip: renting ATV's is an absolute must- but do your research before hand and find a deal. Don't get caught up in the tourist trap and pay more than you should. There is tons of ATV rentals throughout the island, but find one that is close to your stay and is appropriately priced.

Greece is pretty cheap compared to the rest of Europe. So you can get around on a budget. The shopping is unreal- so be prepared to spend all your money on shopping. The food is oh so amazing- so also expect to eat everything in sight. Crepes and froyo was part of my every day diet. Not sorry.

Our Fira Town Bungalow View:

Sunset in Oia Town

Red Rock Beach & Black Sand Beach

Never travel alone, always bring your GoPro..

Any questions about traveling to Santorini? Write your questions in the comment box!