Indonesia Island Hopping: Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan, Penida

Island hopping the Nusa Islands

What to see and do, and where to stay


First, how do you get here? From your hotel in Bali ask the people at the front desk to help you book your fast boat to Lembongan. I paid 300k IDR, but don't pay more than 350K! It is a fast and easy boat ride only 30min from Sannur. I took Ekajet, and would recommend this company again and again. 

I chose Nusa Lembongan as home base for the next week and planned to take day trips to the neighboring islands. Nusa Lembongan is very quiet compared to Bali. It is a very small island and majority of the locals grew up on this island and never left! 

Where you HAVE to stay: Lembongan Reef Bungalow

honestly, there shouldn't be a reason NOT to stay here. The views from the pool are breathtaking, the rooms are immaculate and clean, and they feed you breakfast every morning. I spent only $35 per night, and I had the very top room which had the best view from my balcony. And surrounded by nearby restaurants! Look no further, book your stay here at Lembongan Reef when you are in Nusa Lembongan. 

Now I used to book my travels for this island due to AirBnb not having many options to choose from. Link to book Lembongan Reef here:


What To Do: 

I really wish I rented a stand-up paddle board while on this island but just couldn't peel myself away from my pool view at the hotel. So don't be a bum like myself, and rent a paddle board and get out there! 

Snorkeling off Manta Point and Crystal Bay


Rent a motorbike and spend the day at Nusa Ceningan Island. It is only 15min off the main strip of Lembongan and has the cutest little beach hangouts and restaurants. 

Like this one; Le Pirate Beach Club 

..or find the private beach hidden on the island

I wish I had directions to give to reach this beach, but we kinda just stumbled across it. We took the motorbike and just got lost around the island. If you get lost enough you will find signs pointing to "secret beach"- we just followed those signs. Now, that I think about it this is the perfect way to attract tourists or a way for a mass murderer to find their next victims, regardless we found it, and came out alive!


One of the guys working @ Lembongan Reef offered to be my tour guide for the day on his day off and showed me around Nusa Penida! We rented a motorbike once we got off the boat from Lembongan to Penida and we toured the whole island in a day. I recommend carving out a day or two to explore and visit some of these picture-worthy gems!

Manta Point Cove

Angels Billabong 

A natural infinity pool tucked away on Nusa Penida (why can't I insert emoji's?!?!?!)

Kelingking Beach Look Out

I wish I would've taken the stairs down and just face planted into the white sands and crystal clear water, but we didn't have time as it would've taken nearly an hour to get down and up from this point. So if you have time, take the stairs all the way down to the beach!!


I absolutely recommend traveling to the Nusa Islands if you have time and want to carve time out from Bali- or if you find yourself visiting Bali again, make sure to add this to your next trip! Prices are pretty comparable to Bali and the local people are so sweet and friendly! Loved my time here on Lembongan!

Next stop: The Gili Islands!!!