My Complete Bali Itinerary

My Bali Adventure

What I did, Where I went, & What I Recommend

First, you have to know that I really don't do much pre-planning before my trips. I have a few places that are a must-see and do, but for the most part I just book my flight and just figure it out once I get to my destination. This was very much the case for Bali, especially since I was going to be traveling for a month- I just wanted to see where life took me :) 

A lot of people have also been asking me, "Why Bali?" 

I have had my eye on Bali ever since I got into Buddhism right when I graduated college in 2013. I've followed various Bali blogs, Instagram accounts, Pinterest photos and more. Everything I've always came across always painted Bali as this place for spiritual healing, enlightenment, and self-loving destination- at some point in my life I was going to make it to Bali. And now here we are! After having the chance to visit this magical place for a month, I am sharing my experiences and hopefully inspire you to visit this amazing country. 

Couple things first:

  • Don't pay more than 400k IDR to go to Ubud, Bali from the airport
  • Don't pay more than 200k IDR to go to Seminyak, Bali from the airport
  • Motorbike rental will cost you anywhere from $4-$6 USD
  • Meals typically will range from $2-$8
  • Be sure to pack a first-aid kit- you NEVER know what might happen
  • Don't forget to pack your plug adapter
  • Ditch the makeup bag :)


This was the first stop of my trip and I wanted to start out my first two weeks waking up in the middle of the jungle doing yoga, eating good clean food, and just detox mentally and physically. You will find that Ubud is the "culture epicenter" of Bali- and I seriously completely fell in LOOOVE with Ubud. I know I say this a lot with a lot of my travels, but hands down Ubud, Bali takes the cake and the whole bakery for me. 

Where I stayed:

I used AirBnb for all my travel accommodations here in Bali, and you will find plenty of places to stay in all price ranges. The one below I highly recommend, just off the main strip of Ubud Center, very accessible, great staff, great rooms, AMAZING infinity pool, WITH breakfast! For just $35 a night! I wish I took more photos of the whole entire place because it was seriously darling but you can find more photos on the Airbnb booking page here- Link to book:

I will definitely stay here again & highly recommend (heart eyes)


this place. oh my, this place!!! (yes, extra exclamation marks are very necessary)

So I splurged on this AirBnb for 2 nights; $110 a night and worth every damn penny(and in all actuality what you get for this price is a bargain!). I wanted at least just a couple nights to just ball out and treat myself to a really nice resort and just be completely alone in a beautiful place. Wu Wei Wisdom was the PERFECT place for that. There are only 3 "rooms" on this property so it is very quiet and tranquil and I did lots of meditating! It was like I was on a honeymoon all by myself and it was marvelous. The staff was amazing and they went the extra mile by accommodating my asks- fresh coconut daily, ordered my breakfast and dinner, and made sure the bath had fresh roses :) sorry, I told you I wanted to indulge!

This place is perfect for couples, solo adventures who are wanting to get away from the Ubud noise, and groups wanting a great relaxation spot!

make sure you book the "Hermitage House" you have your own private outdoor bath, and upstairs balcony that overlooks the property and the jungle forest. This place was truly a dream. Link to book:


For the most part, I just relaxed and completely detached myself from the world. I sat at cafes reading books, laid out at the pool and just did nothing all day, it was great. However, there are plenty of things to do while in Ubud, and here are a couple of activities I did that I highly recommend you do. I skipped the Ubud Monkey Forest as I am not a fan of monkeys stealing my shit and swinging on my hair like a rope swing- so I will let you be your own judge whether you want to visit that or not, lol. 

Yoga @ YogaBarn

I purchased a 10class-pack and woke up every morning and did their morning flow class. Now, I will mention that I was NOT a yogi-freak before Bali- I might've taken a handful of classes before and struggled to fall in love with yoga. I wanted to like yoga so much due to learning more about Buddhism, and practicing yoga and meditating was just part of the Buddhism culture, yet I couldn't find any classes or teachers that I liked enough to make this a habit. Until, I came to YogaBarn. It might've been the environment or the atmosphere of this place and the fact that I was in freaking Bali that made me fall in love with yoga- but I did, and now it is a weekly habit of mine. I recommend taking at least one class so you can experience it- one class and you will be hooked!

Visit Tirta Empul Temple (Water Temple)

If spiritual awakening and enlightenment are part of your Bali journey, then you must visit and partake in the Tirta Empul prayer traditions. By drinking and showering from each of the 20 fountains, it represents cleansing of darkness and pain, bad dreams, bad karma, bad promises, and restores your chakras for inner peace and balance. This experience was truly magical and I highly recommend. When you enter the temple, ask for a guide to help explain to you the different fountains and make sure you are following prayer ritual correctly. This will definitely be on the list every time I am in Bali! 

Tegenungun Waterfall

This place is super easy to get to and has guided steps to go down to the waterfall so it is not a trek or much of a hike to get to. Very suitable for families as well! And not to mention BREATHTAKING!!!!

Balinese Cooking Class

One thing that I will miss most about Bali is the FOOD! Oh my, I don't think I ever had a bad meal in Ubud. I would just pop into random restaurants, and try something different and be wildly surprised how delicious it was. So before I left Ubud I HAD to take a cooking class and find out what were the spices and ingredients used in the traditional local food! 

I met a man that ran his own cooking class outside of his home overlooking the rice fiends right next to his home called, Beras Bali Cooking. If you're looking to take a class consider taking Beras! contact info is here: and let them know Miranda sent you :)



Altogether, I spent about 1.5 weeks in Ubud, and 1 week each in Seminyak, Nusa Islands, and Gili Islands (I will have separate posts on each of the Nusa Islands and Gili Islands later)- but gives you a rough estimate how much time I spent in each destination. 

Seminyak or South Bali is widely known for being the "party" part of the island- why I chose to do this the second leg of my Bali trip. There are nearby places like Kuta, Canggu, and Uluwatu that are just as wild with tons of crazy tourists looking for a good time so either of these areas will be good if you are looking for this type of experience in Bali. Since, I was traveling alone the party scene wasn't really on the agenda. Granted I did enjoy my fair share of cocktails and glasses of wine, but this wasn't the focus of my trip. However, plans change and you meet some amazing people :D 

Sunset @ La Plancha

No questions, you HAVE to come here for sunset and drinks one night. Make sure to arrive early to snag a bean bag and table on the beach and just sit back and let Bali show you its sunset magic. Sunset is by far my favorite time of day, and Bali has the best sunsets in the world so I always made sure to find a great spot to just sit and stare at the beauty. La Plancha needs to be on the item bucket list for sure. 

Uluwatu Temple

This place was actually the reason why I chose not to visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud, lol. Uluwatu temple has monkeys that wander and they are aggressive. Just be careful to hold onto your belongings tightly- they love sunglasses! But, this temple is right off the cliff and has breathtaking views along the cliffs. They also have a prayer dance that takes place right at sunset that you can pay to see! This didn't fit into my plans, but I've heard it is a great experience to be a part of at sunset!

Shopping @ Seminyak Center

There is TONS of shopping in Seminyak- and where I got into trouble. Ranging from handmade traditional Bali dresses, pants, shirts, etc, to little boutiques (mostly Australian) for one-of-a-kind pieces you can't find in the states! Be prepared to set aside some cash, if in your budget, to splurge on some shopping! 

Dinner, Drinks, Swim & Sunset @ Potato Head Beach Club

Another sunset favorite! make sure to make reservations before heading there as the wait is pretty long and you're not guaranteed to get a daybed before sunset. But love love love this place and you must add this to your must-see places!

Have I convinced you to travel to Bali yet?!

2.5 weeks on Bali Island wasn't nearly enough time, but enough time to make me completely fall in love with everything it had to offer. I loved it so much that I am considering moving there permanently for a couple months(another potential blogpost), but nonetheless, this is a destination that I will be back very often and frequent. Please let me know if any of you have questions or need help planning! 

PS- read up on my second part of my trip to the Nusa Islands and Gili Islands, too! :) If you have time, I recommend visiting these islands just off Bali and are easily accessible by fast-boat. 


Miranda, girl on the run.