Why I Am Leaving the 9-5.. for now

On January 12, 2017 my life changed. Actually, it got turned upside down. 

6 months before January I was promoted from Pandora and relocated to our Los Angeles national office- something I worked hard for for entire year. Well, on January 12th, 2017 I was laid off from Pandora due to company-wide cuts and me being the last hire on our LA team.. I was let go. Simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Let's forward to now. Being laid off was the best thing that could have EVER happened to me. 

Three weeks after my lay off, I packed my bags and headed on a month long solo journey throughout Bali (cheers to severance pay!). No plan, no idea what I was going to do afterwards, just trusting that everything happens for a reason and things will fall into place the way it is meant to be. 

For the longest time I have always said that I will eventually be my own boss and that I wouldn't be slaving my life away to be building someone else's dream. Granted, I loved working at Pandora and really enjoyed my time there and I was proud to work for the founder, Tim Westergren. However, I remember a story my late Nana always brought up while I was growing up, and a frequent story all throughout college really. She told me, "Randa Roo(my nickname), I always knew you would be a business woman ever since you created your own restaurant at the age of 7." 

What she was referring to is that I was always a go-getter and ambitious ever since I was a little girl. I created a restaurant right in my parent's kitchen using the food and groceries they bought, of course, I mean not like I had any of my own at the age of 7.. but anyway, I created a menu with a piece of paper and a crayon from all the things I knew how to cook at that age. Mac-n-cheese, quesadillas, top ramen, and sandwiches from what I can remember. And right next to each of these menu items I would charge $1-$2 to make them for my parents and family. This "restaurant" business of mine was a frequent habit and how I started making $5-$10 at a time, and at the age of 7 this was gold. And I was obsessed.

Let's fast forward again. During my time in Bali I came across so many "digital nomads", people who quit their corporate jobs and started working for themselves and started an online business. They had the freedom to work wherever and whenever- A true freedom that I seriously envied. After several interviews here in LA, I just didn't have the passion or my heart to work for someone else at another large corporate company. I didn't want to bust my ass 24/7 to fight for only 15 days of paid vacation. I didn't want to deal with the stress of a micro-manager, office politics, and quite frankly I just didn't want to be stuck selling a product I didn't 100% believe in. 

I have toyed with this idea for the past couple years.. and sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get started. So, here I am. Just said fuck it and decided to go for it on March 31st, 2017. Decided to be my own boss, and just figure it out. 

With that being said, I would like to thank my Nana (rest in peace) for always being present, even when I can not see you or speak to you. Because your spirit lives on and is always my motivation. I am whole heartedly dedicating this life to you. This is for you, Nana. I love you.