2015. The beginning.

I always love the new year. Really, any reason to throw a party and get dressed up is always welcomed in my book. But, it's also a chance for a "fresh start." This year I decided to make myself to finally start this blog. I've always thought about it and pondered it for months, and with my travel and activity schedule this year it was just the perfect time to launch. 

Yes, it is April. And I am barely getting this posted. But whatever. I am not really sure who will even really read this, and I kinda don't really care. This blog is more for myself, and to just document everything in my life. I really pride myself on being a well-rounded person, or I try to at least. I think this is why I am into a million things at once. Also, just people themselves really intrigue me. I love learning about new people, their story, traditions, habits, and the list can go on. I think this is why I love traveling and exploring so much because the people you encounter and the experiences that come with them are seriously inspiring. 

So, here it is. Here is my 2015 blog of adventures, travel, concerts, nature exploration, bay area sceneries, work-life activities, and more. 

ps- please excuse any and all grammatical errors. Aint nobody got time to worry about run-on sentences.