My favorite day. Well... maybe. But, I do love adventures! If you happen to find yourself in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun I suggest you check out Local Quickies. And no it is not referring to anything sexual. Get your mind out of the gutter. But, on a serious note these people organize adventure tours, and let me tell you WORTH EVERY PESOS. 

I am always skeptical about "organized tours" in fear of getting in the tourist trap, but this is girl on the run approved. We had a jammed pack day with visiting Tulum, zip-lining, canoeing, cliff jumping, swimming in a private cenote, snorkeling in a bat cave, and swam with turtles. Yeah, all of that in one day.  

I am a person that can't sit still or stay in one place for too long, so I was literally in my element this day. Because we did so much in one day, I chose to blog about each of the adventures separately. Below are pics from our zip line and canoe trip!

... canoeing time

.. that moment when drew and jack don't know how to sit in a hammock... and break it.  "don't look at me!"